A Good Stand Mixer Can Stand in for Several Other Pieces of Kitchen Gear

Some well-made pots and pans, a couple of good, sharp knives, and a few accessories and utensils: It takes relatively little to get started with home cooking, something that makes the activity especially attractive to many people. Home cooks who stick with the hobby for long, though, will inevitably discover that there are plenty of productive ways to build on that initial collection of equipment. Just about every devoted domestic chef, for example, will acquire a food processor, a blender, and other pieces of electric-powered gear before too long.

In some cases, this piecemeal collecting of kitchen tools works out well for the chef in question. In many others, though, home cooks eventually arrive at a point where they realize that a more strategic approach would have yielded better results. The fact is that there are kitchen tools that can replace several others in ways that are just as capable, and it can make sense to simply buy one of these rather than a number of space-hogging specialized ones.

As those who click here (to read The Cook’s Measure space-saver mixer review) will see, a good stand mixer can be just such an asset. As the name suggests, a mixer like the Bosch the above review focuses on is basically designed for mixing, folding, and kneading whatever is put into its bowl.

Doing that successfully requires quite a bit in the way of power, meaning that a capable stand mixer will be equipped with a stout electric motor. That turns out to enable a whole host of other functions, too, when the appropriate attachments are provided. This means that, while some might consider a stand mixer a luxury, acquiring one relatively early on can mean that later purchases will be made unnecessary.

The Bosch mixer in question here, for example, can just as well serve as a highly capable juicer. With its powerful motor making short work of vegetables and fruit as it juices them, it can then be quickly turned into a similarly effective meat grinder with the simple switching of an attachment. Although it might seem like a specialized tool that would be better left to the most expansive of kitchen equipment collections, the reality is that the mixer can often take the place of several other options.