A Look At The Facts Regarding A Popular Fitness Machine Brand

The Sole Elliptical trainers are making a name for themselves in the exercise equipment arena. Ellipticals provide an excellent way to exercise. The biggest advantage of ellipticals is the comfort in using them. Unlike running on a treadmill or jogging on concrete, ellipticals are much easier on your joints and muscles. There is no pounding involved that can cause damage to your joints and muscles.

The elliptical machines allow you to get a great workout in what seems in an effortless manner, but it’s anything but effortless. Your joints and muscles are working, they are just not being overworked with undue stress and pressure. There are several pre-designed workouts, or you can create your own workout. The SOLE Elliptical e25 stats are impressive. In the comfort of your home, you can get a great workout with this piece of equipment at a reasonable cost.

The features of the Sole E25 have been rated by various stores and magazines as the top of the line. The cost of the machine is very affordable compared to other machines, including other ellipticals. This machine is seen as an entry level piece of equipment, but it provides a great intense workout for beginners as well as the more experienced. Of course, it can’t stand up to the E95 Sole Elliptical, but it still has many features. The Sole E25 has a 20-inch stride, which provides taller users a comfortable workout. The pedal size is big enough for foot comfort. You can also adjust the pedals. The 20-inch stride also makes the incline much more comfortable and functional.

To make your workout even more pleasant, the Sole E25 provides the ability to plug in your iPod or MP3, so you can listen to your music while exercising. It also comes with a heart monitor to keep track of your heart rate, so you can get the best, and safest, workout. The heart monitor will keep you within an acceptable heart rate range. The console has a place for a water bottle and even a place where you can stand a book or magazine while working out. It has a two-year in-house warranty that covers parts and labor.