Acupuncture: Safe, Painless and Effective

If you have never had an acupuncture session because you are concerned about its safety or you think it is really just a type of mystical nonsense, you are missing an amazing opportunity. Acupuncture is not only one of the oldest medical treatments in the world, it is also still practiced all over the world. The number of people who receive acupuncture is growing every day. This is because of one reason, it works. Here are some facts about Acupuncture treatments in Halifax.

Nearly Pain-free

Acupuncture needles are very thin, much smaller than the average hypodermic needle. Most patients say they feel nothing at all. Those who do, equate the feeling to a slight tingling or a small pinch similar to a mosquito bite.

Acupuncture is Safe

A professional acupuncturist is required to be educated and licensed in their field. They employ the same hygiene standards as any medical facility. Needles are disposed of safely after use and all equipment is sterilized. Acupuncture will never conflict with other medical treatments, it does not make the patient feel sick afterwards and it will not cause an interaction with medications.

Regular Appointments

If you are seeking acupuncture for pain relief after an accident, one appointment may be enough. But, just like any other medical treatment, most patients will benefit from regular sessions. This is partially because it is useful for so many ailments, even treating addictions. It is a valuable resource for establishing and maintaining the best health possible.

Needles are Only one Treatment

There is more to acupuncture treatments than just inserting needles. They also offer acupressure, cupping and acutism. Massage, herbal treatments and aromatherapy are also frequently included in a treatment plan. An acupuncturist is a medical professional that is open-minded about the best path of achieving good health. That is why they need to know their patients’ medical history, so they can create a complete and effective plan for treatment.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about what acupuncture can do. Talk to friends and coworkers, chances are at least some of them have already tried the treatment for themselves. Most importantly, try it for yourself. Acupuncturists work very hard to help all of their patients to feel at ease and are very understanding about the doubts of new clients.