Choosing A Good Nutritional Supplement

The value of Matcha powder as a weight loss supplement is impressive. It comes from the same plant that is used to make green tea. The difference the powder is the result of drying the leaves and stems and grinding them into a powder as fine as dust and the tea is made by steeping just the leaves in hot water. While the essence of the leaves will transfer to the water, that only represents a portion of the nutrients available from the rest of the plant.

Those who have tried drinking green tea for its health benefits will definitely want to try the powder. The tea has gotten a lot of media attention as a resource to help people lose weight. The features of green tea make it particularly attractive as a weight loss supplement. It helps the body release energy and increase the metabolism so extra calories are burned even while resting. This effect is multiplied in the powder since it has nutrients from both the leaves and stems. It is not just an aid for those who want to lose weight though. There is a high concentration of antioxidants, which is a key resource for protection against cancer.

Certain types of cancer are caused by free radicals, which damage also damage cells, especially in the skin. Antioxidants are very effective at controlling free radicals and will result in better cell health. Matcha has more than one hundred times the concentration of the antioxidants in brewed green tea making it a valuable health supplement. The powder can be added to water to make tea instead of taking the time to brew it. It can also be added as an ingredient in a variety of other foods to increase intake of the nutrients. It works especially well when mixed in batter for cupcakes or muffins.

Starting a morning right is easier with a smoothie made with matcha along with a fresh muffin that also has the powder. These will give people more energy and keep them alert longer. The extra energy will make it easier to focus so more can get done in less time. Using green tea powder is a flexible supplement that has impressive qualities and will be a valuable weight loss resource.