Get Rid of Infections Naturally with Tea Tree Oil

Teatree oil, also known by the name melalecua oil, is described as a yellow colored essential oil. It is derived from the leaves of a Melaleuca alternifolia plant in Australia. Its healing qualities have made it a top pick for medical professionals looking to help their patients naturally heal from certain medical conditions. Tea tree oil especially has medical benefits to those suffering from various skin conditions as it has been used to treat acne, skin wounds, and infections. Before taking this in supplement or oil form, it is always best to educate yourself fully.

Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil

Medical professionals often use tea tree oils as a natural cure to fighting bacteria, fungi, and viruses found in the body. It has certain characteristics that allow it to easily fight certain bacterial infections that are not easily defeated by other forms of antibiotics. It can ward off things that include bacterial diseases of the skin, blisters, sun burn, warts, athlete’s foot, and more. It is also great for those who suffer from acne, or other skin rashes.

Using Oil Externally

There are various ways in which tea tree oil can be used. One of the most beneficial ways is to use it externally. You can add it to your bath water, or apply it directly to the affected area. Doing this several times per week can serve as a muscle relaxant or a antiseptic for the skin. It can be used externally to treat conditions that include boils, acne, genital warts, and some oral hygiene issues including bad breath. However, it is important to note it should not be swallowed.

Inhaling Tea Tree Oil

Another way in which you can begin using tea tree oil is by inhaling it. It is recommended that you boil water in a large pot adding a few drops of the oil. As the water begins to create steam, you can inhale the steam for approximately ten minutes. This is great for treating sore throats.

Of course there are other ways in which tea tree oil can be consumed including in pill form as well as in some shampoos and soaps for those that suffer from dandruff, skin rashes, or acne. Before trying any of these remedies on your own, it is always best that you consult with a doctor to ensure that they are safe.