Giving You More Options

About a decade ago, laws were passed that made smoking in restaurants against the law. Shortly after that, pubs got into the mix, banning smoking from both the indoor portions of the bar, and then the outdoor portions. After the bars and pubs fell, soon it seemed as if a smoker couldn’t light up anywhere. Today, most public areas are smoke free, as well as a lot of hotels and office buildings. This means that the life of a smoker is one that is not as open as free as it once was. To smoke, you now have to go out of your way to find a locale, which is not a very convenient thing to do. With this in mind, it make be time to make a switch to Electronic cigarettes so that you are able to not just improve your health, but also to give you more options on where you can “light up”.

So why can you use an Electronic cigarette in a pub or restaurant where you can’t use a regular cigarette? It all stems from the fact that e-cigs produce steam and not smoke. While the E liquid that is used in conjunction with the electronic cigarette comes in the flavor of your choice, the steam that is produced is practically odorless, meaning that it’s not going to bother those around you. Are you going to get a couple of weird looks when you pull out your e-cig to start puffing away? Sure. But will they stop looking when they realize that you aren’t being a brazen smoker? Absolutely.

One of the major drawbacks to smoking is the fact that the stench gets on everything that is on or around you. As much as you might try, you are going to be stuck with clothing and hair that sound like smoke, as well as a car that stinks as well. By using an Electronic cigarette, you can get the sensation of smoking, and a bit of nicotine, without having to commit to the smell that is going to linger for days. You can find more info online.