Invest In A New Vacuum And Breathe Easier

Buying the dc40 origin from Dyson is a smart choice for almost every family. It is not the largest machine available, but it makes use of Radical Root Cyclone technology, as the manufacturer calls it, to offer the best suction available in the class. It has a rich combination of features that make it a good value for the money. Everyone needs a vacuum and there is no way to put a price on good health and cleaner air, so it makes sense to invest in a quality vacuum.

As a canister vacuum, it has no bags to change, which can be dirty, messy, and inconvenient. It is much simpler, and more likely to keep the dust and dirt that has been vacuumed up, by simply holding the canister over a trash can and releasing the door on the bottom. This gets rid of everything the vacuum picked up without any worries that it will get back in the air. The canister has a generous capacity of nearly half a gallon. This is convenient since it does not have to be dumped as often, however, since it is so effective at picking up dirt, the extra capacity comes in handy. These machines are designed to be as easy to use as possible, in addition to their powerful cleaning abilities. One of the most recognizable features of Dyson vacuums is the large ball at the base of the machine that makes it easier to maneuver.

The brush tool is low, and the ball makes it simple to get under most pieces of furniture. Another feature of the brush head that makes this an attractive option, is that it automatically adjusts to the type of floor being cleaned. It is just as good at cleaning a deep carpet as a low one, and will transition to a hardwood floor too. This means it is the only floor cleaning device the home needs.

The power of the motor and cyclone are impressive, but having HEPA filters makes this a more effective machine. While other machines will not catch every bit of dust, these machines will filter out all but the smallest allergy causing particles, down to a half a micron wide. Almost every home will benefit from having a machine this flexible and powerful for keeping their floors, and the air, clean.