Learn More About Jia Pin Bird’s Nest in Singapore

Edible bird’s nest has been used for centuries in Chinese cuisine because of their delicious taste and nutritional benefits. Edible bird’s nests can be used in all types of dishes, such as congee, deserts, and egg tarts. Most people who are interested in consuming these nests prefer it in bird’s nest soup. This special soup is made to exacting standards and is considered a delicacy in Asian cuisine. Those who are not familiar with this special dish should read further so they can fully understand the intricacies of making this unique taste sensation.

A specific type of bird’s nest is used for this special soup. A swallow’s nest is made from the saliva of the male swallow. These white and red cup-shaped nests cling to the walls of caves and are carefully removed because they are extremely fragile. The nests are sold by grades ranging A to D. A-graded nests can sell for as much as $2500 and are considered the most prized. Those interested in trying this delicacy for themselves should order one of Jia Pin Bird’s Nest Singapore.

The cooking method used in making bird’s nest soup takes several hours. The first step is to soak the bird’s nest for several hours until it begins to soften. The softened bird’s nest is then slowly cooked in water. After a couple of hours, the nest is mostly dissolved and forms a gelatinous soup. Dates, spices, and other ingredients can be added to compliment the flavor of the bird’s nest soup.

This special soup is served in restaurants across Asia. When a person is interested in making their own soup, it is imperative they do not purchase from dealers that use artificial colorants, bleach or glue. Some unscrupulous retailers will use these products to pass their nests off as being a higher grade than they actually are. Purchasing from Jia Pin ensures people will get the best bird’s nest products available.

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