Memory FoamPillows Are Not the Only Option for Side Sleepers

The best pillow is the one that is the most comfortable on the head and neck, and sometimes this can be hard to find. For most, a list of the best pillows for side sleepers includes memory foam, latex, and the non-traditional option of buckwheat.

Feeling the Weight

It begins with the feeling of the body. What this means is that an individual needs to know how their body is naturally organized on the bed. For example, some slide sleepers place some extra weight and pressure on their waist, while others increase the tension in their neck. These are different sleeping styles, but they are not something a person is aware of. The right pillow is fitted for the sleeping structure of the person.

The Best Types

Side sleepers are a specific bunch, and there are at least three main types of pillows best suitable to their natural sleeping style. These are memory foam, buckwheat, and latex pillows. Memory and latex are both very similar. The latex forms came first, and they held a rather rigid design structure that conforms to the head and neck. This allows almost for a custom fit in the pillow. The complement to them is the memory foam, which came out a few years later and improved on the overall molding features of the latex pillows. Memory foam is a good bit softer than latex, but they do not quite last as long. They get flat quicker. Specifically, latex pillows are known to last at least 20 years, which may seem absurdly long but they hold and retain a solid shape for this whole time. As long as the pillow shapes properly, it is useful.

The Alternative of Buckwheat

There is another less known option, and that is the buckwheat pillow. They are made of 100% environmentally friendly design, specifically buckwheat hulls. But this is not their only peculiar feature. They are quite heavy and they do not retain heat well. These are both pluses for certain types of sleepers that enjoy keeping the pillow on the same side through the night. Some sleepers have a tendency to flip their pillow to find a cooler side.