Recover Deleted BMP Files Easily!

BMP stands for bitmap images and is used to store pictures or digital images. This format is also known as DIB file format because it is device independent bitmap. GUI i.e. graphical user interface subsystems use bitmap as their official image format like Microsoft Windows, GDI subsystems etc.

Have you lost BMP pictures from your computer? Is there any way to recover deleted BMP files from the computer? How to recover lost, deleted, missing bitmap images from the system?

If you have the same above questions, then this post is just for you. BMP format store the images in four blocks of data i.e. BMP file header, bitmap information, color palette and bitmap data. If any mishaps happen with any of these blocks then it may lead to BMP image corruption. As a result BMP file becomes inaccessible and user will not be able to view the image again. These types of situations often give rise to the data loss issues which are very hard to recover. These problems cause the BMP digital pictures inaccessible due to corruption, damage, deletion and so on.

Following is a way to recover deleted BMP files :

1. Install the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software on your computer.

2. Start scanning where the lost BMP files were stored before after launching the program.

3. After scanning is finished, click “Recover” and choose the path where you want to store the recovered BMP files.