Reducing Cholesterol With a Ninja Blender for Smoothies Containing Flax Seed

Adding flax seed to the diet can help reduce high cholesterol levels. That’s appealing to people who have been diagnosed with this problem and don’t want to start taking prescription statin medication that can have unpleasant side effects. One way to include flax seed is to add it to smoothies. A ninja blender for smoothies is an excellent device for making luscious fruit or vegetable drinks, or beverages combining these healthy foods. Tossing in a tablespoon or two of ground flax seed makes it even more nutritious. However, start small, such as with a teaspoon, because you’re adding more fiber to your diet. Gradually include a little more each day. Research participants have eaten up to 50 grams of flax seed per day without negative effects.

Why does flax seed work for this health problem? Researchers aren’t sure, but it may involve the body’s conversion of the component alpha-linolenic acid to omega-3 fatty acids. Those fatty acids may help lower blood levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which is considered the bad form of cholesterol. Some people like to use flax seed oil instead of the seeds themselves, but the actual seed appears to be more powerful for this purpose.

Using ground flax seed is important since the human body can’t digest the full seed very well. That makes the substance less effective and also can cause gas and bloating. Partially defatted flax seed should be avoided because it doesn’t contain as much alpha-linolenic acid. In addition, consume the seed roasted or cooked in some other way. Raw flax seed contains cyanide compounds, which heat removes.

An example of a smoothie that can be made in the Ninja blender includes bananas, strawberries, plain yogurt and a bit of nut butter along with the flax seed. Green smoothies are very popular as well. Try blending the seed with avocado, kale, broccoli and kiwi fruit. An enormous amount of recipes can be found online for smoothies, and you’ll soon learn which concoctions seem most flavorful. If your diet doesn’t include a large amount of fruits and vegetables now, this is a healthy way of modifying it for the better.