Save Space and Get Healthy With a Compact Elliptical Machine

What do students, retirees, and new apartment owners have in common? All of them are usually surprised to find that their new homes are not big enough to fit their fitness machines. Fortunately, many of them find a solution when they discover the benefits of a compact elliptical machine. The equipment’s design, coupled with quality and effectiveness, has made it a best seller among the space challenged.

Elliptical Machines Vary in Style

Those who are used to full-sized gym machines and home elliptical trainers are often surprised at the difference between them and compact models. Most gyms use rear drive styles and home equipment often features a front drive that creates a forward lean. However, in addition to saving space, a compact machine uses a center drive that puts drives next to exercisers’ feet. The small models have more working parts, too.

Compact Elliptical Machines Vary in Quality

There are dozens of compact machines on the market. Their price, workmanship and material quality varies widely. Machines can cost as little as $900.00 or as much as $3,000.00, with the more expensive models offering solid construction and lots of extra features. However, mid-priced machines like the Sole E35 are a good fit for most needs, and are feature rich. They can include a heart-rate monitor, a choice of programs, feedback that helps track training progress, adjustable strides and inclines, an LCD console, and more. The machines include guarantees on the frame, workmanship, parts, and electronics.

Compact Elliptical Machines Provide a Great Workout

Every buyer should consider their fitness goals, but a well-made compact trainer offers a good workout for most people and will not break down under heavy use. The machines include over-sized pedals and movable grips that create a comfortable feeling often described as Moonwalking. Many users who cannot endure the pounding of a treadmill can get all of their exercise on a compact elliptical.

Those who enjoy living in small homes do not have to sacrifice their fitness equipment. Quality compact elliptical machines are now designed to offer excellent workouts and still fit into small spaces. They are also comfortable to use and can include a range of extra features.