Signs that Your Home is in need of Foundation Repair

Having the foundation of your home repaired from time to time is essential to keep it in good repair; however, this is not an issue that many homeowners think about on a daily basis. If you do not take notice of a foundation early on, it can turn into an extremely costly issue that will lead to you needing thousands of dollars in repairs. Some signs that you need to call on a professional for foundation repair or inspection are highlighted here.

Sticking Windows and Doors

If you have begun to notice that your windows and doors are sticking shut, and they will not open and shut easily like they did in the past, this is an indication that there is an issue with your foundation settling.

Interior Wall Cracks

If you begin to notice that there are cracks in your interior walls on the dry wall, in addition to the outside of your home, such as zig-zag cracks, then this is another classic sign that your home is settling. There are some foundation services that offer a lifetime fix for these types of issues.

The Presence of Gaps

If you begin to notice gaps in between the ceiling and the crown molding, or in the caulking in the doors and windows, then your foundation is likely shifting or settling. This is another issue that should be looked out by a professional.

Sinking Foundation or Sunken Floors

If you begin to notice that the ground is sinking in near the foundation, this may be the sign of a significant foundation problem. You should consult a professional foundation repair service immediately if you notice this.

Creasing or Wrinkling Wall Paper

When your walls shift, it is likely due to the foundation issues, and this will cause your wallpaper to move, as well, which can cause separation or rips.

The fact is that any type of foundation issue should be taken seriously. If you want more information on these issues visit This will help you determine if you need to call in the services of a professional foundation repair service for assistance.