Treating Acne with Tea Tree Oil

Acne can make the teen years even more difficult. Even more unfortunate is that this harrowing skin conditions does not necessarily go away in adulthood. Prescription creams and medications work for many, but they also come with many warnings and potential side effects. More and more people are turning to healthy, natural products and for acne that means Tea tree oil.

A Natural Antiseptic

Made from the leaves of a tree which grows in Australia and New Zealand, tea tree oil has been used by aborigines for centuries to treat and heal many types of skin diseases, wounds and lacerations. The essential oil is very concentrated, has a distinctive smell and can be used for a multitude of ailments in addition to acne.

How it Works

The antiseptic properties of the oil helps it to cleanse the skin and clear out infections. It reduces inflammation and dissolves the oily residue produced by overactive sebaceous glands. The reduction in oil will prevent future breakouts and the drying will eliminate existing pimples in as little as one or two days.

How to Use it

The oil is very strong so it should never be used unless diluted. You can do this by adding a few drops to your regular lotions or cleansing creams or dilute it with water to use as a skin wash. It is poisonous if swallowed, so never take it internally or leave where children will have access to the bottle.

Allergy Warning

Some users have had serious reactions to tea tree oil. It is important to test the oil on a small patch of skin a day or two before use if you are uncertain how you will react to it. If there is any itching, redness or rash, do not continue use. Tea tree oil will often cause a slight stinging or tingling sensation when it is applied, so this alone is not a cause for concern.

With the regular use of tea tree oil acne can be easily eliminated and prevented from flaring up in the future. Because it is so heavily concentrated, it is a very cost-effective treatment for acne, especially when compared to many prescriptions medications. The same bottle can also be used to treat cuts and burns and eliminate dandruff, making it a real multi-purpose product.