Treatment Options For Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Santa Rosa

One of the most common types of apnea is called Obstructive sleep apnea. Many physicians will refer to this disorder using the abbreviation OSA. Most individuals who have OSA do not realize they are having a problem even when it causes sleep disturbance. The upper airway becomes obstructed which causes consistent pauses in breathing. It is often associated with a low blood oxygen saturation. The individual will often stop breathing for approximately 20 to 40 seconds or more. It is not uncommon for someone to have this disorder for a long period of time before it is actually diagnosed. A medical professional will generally be able to diagnose the problem based on the information given to them by their patients. Here are some common treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea in santa rosa.

A diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea is often achieved by the patient undergoing what is known as a sleep study. This procedure is also called polysomnogram. This study will require an overnight stay at a medical facility or sleep center. A patient will be monitored for signs such as cessation of breathing, gasping or choking during sleep, labored breathing and restlessness. A sleep study is the first step in obtaining a definite diagnosis.

Believe it or not, a doctor may simply recommend that you lose weight. Obesity contributes to almost 70% of those individuals who suffer from sleep disorders. Apnea is the most common diagnosis in the category of sleep disorders. It may also be characterized by severe snoring that often occurs off and on all during the sleep cycle.

Some medical professionals may recommend a surgical procedure that can help open up the obstructed airway of the patient. This procedure is effective in approximately 50% of the cases recommended for the procedure. A patient may also be prompted to use a nasal decongestant in addition to positional therapy which can often help relieve those periods of apnea during the sleep cycle.

Last but certainly not least it is common for a physician to recommended a CPAP machine for someone who suffers from OSA. With this recommended treatment the patient will be required to wear a mask at night that is attached to the machine. Routine use of the positive pressure airway machine can help alleviate the absence of breath while sleeping. More information about treatment options for apnea can be obtained from the professionals at Chase Cranialorthopedic Center.