Understanding Muscle Growth

Your body is partially to thank (or blame) for muscle size and growth. Your own genetics have a lot to do with where you start out in life. But diet and exercise matter too and without them you will never be able to create the muscle mass you are dreaming about. Muscles and muscle development can seem like a complex subject, but it is really just basic biology.

How Muscles are Formed

Skeletal muscles are the muscles which are responsible for body movement and strength. They rely on motor neurons to signal them to contract and the better the communication is, the stronger muscles become. After a strenuous workout these muscles need to be repaired, a process where new myofibrils (muscle fibers) are built and thickened. Satellite cells are brought in to help with the repairs improving muscle size.

Increasing Muscle Size

The more frequently and effectively you work out, the more muscle growth you will experience. For competitive bodybuilders the normal rate of growth is not considered adequate. This is why lifters are often seeking a way to increase satellite cell activity. This is where hormones come into the picture. Testosterone levels are often increased by weight lifting and when they are, they are able to activate the growth hormones, which in turn activate the satellite cells needed for tissue repair.

Benefitting From Nature

To get the most from a workout there are many things every bodybuilder must do. First, eat right every day. Avoid foods which may promote bloat like fat, sodium and alcohol. A bloated body will never have the cut, sinewy appearance you crave. Eat plenty of healthy proteins including eggs and lean meats. Muscle is protein and it cannot continue to build if it is not consistently fed what it needs. You can also consider bodybuilding hgh (human growth hormone), this is a natural and safe form of hormones which can help signal the satellite cells you need for repair and growth.

It is important to remember that muscle mass and growth are finite at some point. Some people will never be able to be as large as other people. Women are not designed by nature to increase muscle mass in the way men are. Using unsafe methods, like abusing anabolic steroids, can have life shattering consequences. Stick to natural means and the healthier HGH supplements to reach your goals.