Why Use Green Tea Powder Rather Than Drinking The Tea?

Green tea has been consumed for many centuries for its taste and, more recently, for its health benefits. It can be taken as hot tea, iced tea, even capsules. It is now even sold as a powder, which is very convenient as it can be added to a smoothie, baked into a caked or sprinkled on a hot cereal in the morning to take advantage of the health boosters that green tea offers.

But what are some of the reasons that green tea is good for health?

It contains caffeine, which has been shown to be beneficial, in moderate amounts, for wakefulness, concentration and memory. It also has L-theanine, which works with the caffeine to boost brain function and increase energy. It has been demonstrated to increase fat burning and raise metabolic rates, which aid in weight loss efforts. It is loaded with antioxidants, which help to protect against cancers such as breast, prostate, and colorectal tumors. Studies show that regular green tea consumers have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity than non-green tea consumers. Green tea may protect the brain from such devastating diseases as parkinson’s and alzheimers.

So why use the powder format, such as matcha green tea, rather than just drink the tea? As already pointed out, the powder is the most flexible of all green tea forms because it can most easily be added to almost any food during preparation. In addition, it is concentrated and offers more than 100 times the antioxidants as regular leaf tea.

It is always best to choose organic products, and this green tea powder is 100% organic with nothing added to interfere with its healthful properties. The powder acts as a slow release of energy without that “speedy” feeling or stomach upset. Overall, when choosing a green tea product, it is wise to give consideration to the powdered form of green tea for an all-natural, convenient and versatile form of this most healthful of herbs. With green tea powder, anyone can easily reap the benefits of green tea without having to drink the tea all day or bother with taking many capsules per day. It is simply the best choice for green tea consumption.