Your HVAC Portland Contractor can Find the Right Unit for Your Needs

When it comes to home air conditioning systems, two common options are central and window units. It can be difficult to decide which system is more appropriate, because there are so many options available. With the factors listed here, you can see just how central and window units compare based on cooling, cost, efficiency and noise.


When choosing an AC unit for your home, you should consider how it will cool your space. Central units are often the best choice because they cool more evenly, and your repair technician can add a programmable thermostat to shut the AC off or adjust settings at a predetermined time. Some central units have cooling zones, which allow you a higher level of control. However, window units are sometimes advantageous because you can control each room’s cooling level individually.


When buying an air conditioner for your home, your first consideration is likely to be the unit’s cost. In most cases, window units are cheaper to install and buy than central units, and they’re meant for just one part of your home. Central units are more expensive to purchase and install, but they can be cost-effective if you have a very large home.


Determining the energy efficiency of central and window AC units is a complex process. Central air units’ efficiency is measured by SEER ratings and EER ratings, but window units only use an EER rating. Central units typically have higher ratings, meaning that they’re more efficient. To be certified by Energy Star, a window AC must have an EER of up to 10.7, while central units need a rating of 12. Central units have higher energy efficiency ratings, but some efficiency is lost through the ductwork. In many cases, duct leakage can result in an efficiency loss of up to 30%.


One drawback to a window unit is the high noise level it generates. Central units do make noise, but most of it exists outside around the condenser, where it can’t disturb you inside your home.

The choice to install a central or window AC unit is difficult, and should be based on your budget, cooling needs, and your situation. Whether you need maintenance, air conditioning installation, or quality repairs, you can hire a licensed, bonded and insured HVAC Portland contractor to get the job done right.