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A Few Things to Know About the Japanese Whisky There are a lot of people who are interested and excited to drink whiskey when they are in a club or bar. So many people just love this and they find themselves filling up their glass and they order another round and they also tell their bottles that they are the water of life. Whiskey is considered to be a lavish liquor. Some people have not tried drinking whiskey. There are people who would always drink vodka or tequila but never whiskey. It is not because it is their fault but some individuals just find whiskey intimidating especially to the novice. Whiskey doesn’t only demand a kind of sophistication when drinking this but this has several varieties. But, one of the options that is getting popular nowadays is the Japanese whisky. You should know that it is spelled whisky for Japan’s version of whiskey because this has been modeled after the Scotch tradition and this involves double distilling of malted and even peated barley before this is placed in wood barrels for aging. This drink is drier, peatier as well as smokier as compared to the American bourbons and ryes. They come as single blends or malts.
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Know that the Japanese whisky doesn’t contain rye or wheat which are two of the ingredients needed in many kinds of whiskey. The drink is actually made of rice, corn and millet. But, this whiskey is fermented in a similar fashion. Because of this, the drink is able to get that really unique taste.
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In the production of Japanese whisky, the major distillers are using Scotch ingredients. The ingredients used are mostly imported from Scotland. They make use of malted and at times even peated barley from the Isles. Moreover, the water source which they use, which is a mythical water that is obtained from the mountains near Tokyo makes the drink much better. The distilling stills that they use are also uniquely shaped and the wood for the aging barrels is a lot different. Some of the distillers are using bourbon barrels but some use the mizunara tree for making the wood barrels for aging the Japanese whisky and this contributes to that unique flavor. As more and more people try and love its taste, the Japanese whisky is definitely a rising start even in the West. Despite its popularity though, there is only a limited supply in the US. When you would like to try this Japanese whisky, then what you can do is that you begin searching on the internet rather than go from one store to another so that you will be able to find this liquor. By spending time with your search, then you will definitely find what you are looking for.