Moving Beyond the Muscle-Building Plateau With Nitric Oxide Supplements

People who do weightlifting to build lean muscle mass and strength sometimes hit a plateau, at which point they feel like they’re no longer making progress. At that time, they may decide to start taking one of the top nitric oxide supplements for bodybuilding purposes. The amino acid L-arginine in this product boosts nitric oxide production in the body, which is useful for increasing stamina during workouts and for boosting circulation to help muscle fibers recover more rapidly.

The science behind using protein for muscle building involves body chemistry. Protein is made of a variety of amino acids, all of which have a variety of purposes in the human body. One purpose of L-arginine is to encourage the blood vessels to generate nitric oxide. That helps the arteries relax and widen, allowing the heart to pump blood more easily. Some supplements contain additional ingredients to further boost the effects. Beet extract, for instance, also is good for increasing circulation because it has a high concentration of nitrate. Nitric oxide supplements don’t contain nitric oxide, since that’s a physiological gas produced naturally by the body.

Some individuals are skeptical about whether muscle-building supplements actually work. The great thing about a supplement such as Sheer NO2 is the money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. Consumers can try the product for a full 30 days and, if they don’t experience positive results, they can get a refund. The one stipulation from the company is that the buyer must participate in an exercise regimen while taking the supplement. Just swallowing nutritional supplements without doing the work to put on muscle isn’t effective, no matter what products people might try.

It’s a good idea to work out for a while before starting a supplement regimen. That way, it’s easier to see whether the products are responsible for improvements. This is especially easy to determine when a weightlifter has reached a plateau and isn’t experiencing the positive results he or she had become accustomed to. Adding a nitric oxide supplement at this point should jump-start the progress so the individual doesn’t feel like all the effort is for nothing.