Outdoor Coverings

Having access to outdoor space is imperative; however, if the space can’t be used during all four seasons or in inclement weather then it can become a wasted opportunity. For many homeowners, outdoor spaces are an extension of their living areas and add valuable square footage onto their homes. To make the most of your valuable land it is important to create a backyard oasis that can be used at any time. Below are some of the best coverings available for your outdoor space.


The addition of a gazebo can turn any mundane backyard into a place of entertainment and fun. Whether it be reading a book or entertaining friends, having a gazebo gives your family the opportunity to enjoy quality time in the outdoors. Having a gazebo covering that keeps out rain and wind without blocking out the sunshine is imperative. The most popular coverings for a gazebo include canvas, metal, wood, vinyl and cedar shingles.


A pergola is an outdoor room that has no walls and has cross-rafters for a roof. One benefit of a pergola is that it is a free standing structure that can also be used to showcase beautiful flowers by stringing roses or similar plants along the sides. Prior to purchasing a pergola one must consider whether or not they would like to use this space throughout the year. If so, a covering must be installed over the top of the pergola so that it can be used during rain and snow. Alternatively, uncovered pergolas maintain their traditional appeal and are a popular option in states where snow and rain is less common.


Given that a porch is an extension of your home it is important to create a space that works well for your entire family. Homeowners who enjoy spending time grilling tasty steaks and entertaining friends will want to use a covered patio/porch that allows the space to be used during rain, snow and wind. You may want to consider adding an outdoor kitchen or fire pit and always ensure that there is enough seating for all your friends and family. When deciding between different types of patio covers, the most popular is a metal roof. Metal requires little to no maintenance and is exceptionally durable.


Awnings are a simple and cost effective way to provide protection for your outdoor space. However, an awning is the least effective method of covering a porch because it is often retractable from your home. As a result, it is not supported on all four sides and can be prone to breaking. With that said, awnings can be purchased in a variety of colors and sizes that make them ideal for almost any type of house.


Those living in snowy Northeast or other regions of the country subject to intense winters understand the importance of having a garage or covered space for your vehicle. Those that don’t always regret not installing one or purchasing a home with a garage when they exit their home until to find that their vehicle is trapped under three feet of snow. Building a carport is much less expensive and easier than adding a garage to your home and will protect your car and other belongings from snow, rain and sleet. Best of all, a carport will add value to your home if you ever sell it because buyers will appreciate having an area to park their vehicle.

When looking for options to create a space you can use all year around, contact a custom deck builder for options and help with the design.