Solar Thermal Hot Water and Space Heating: Saving Money With a Simple Change

The popularity of solar power is continuing to grow as the technology is becoming more affordable. Everybody loves getting something for nothing and that is exactly what solar power offers. You do not have to live in the middle of a desert to benefit from the rays of the sun. Homeowners anywhere can enjoy a reduction of their utility bills thanks to the modern systems available.

Solar Thermal Hot Water and Space Heating are one of the easiest ways for consumers to introduce themselves the benefits of the solar industry. The efficient solar water heaters are helping many to save as much as 50 percent off their typical water heating bills. In sunny climates it may save even more.

Most homes, especially homes with multiple residents, will need to have some type of heater for a backup system. This ensures hot water is always available. But even with this type of system in place, most people save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their unit. This will pay for the solar heater, reduce water heating costs and help the environment all at the same time.

Solar heated water is not unusual. In the late 1800s some inventors were using black-painted boxes with water tanks inside on rooftops to warm water for homes. These are known as batch collector systems and are considered a passive method of water heating. These are systems that are still in use today for some homes.

Solar collection plates were used in the 1920s in some areas of the United States. These precursors to the solar movement of today were a part of the learning process that has allowed modern products to become as efficient and reliable as they are.

With a modern solar thermal heater, a collection plate, which looks similar to a solar panel is placed on the roof. This collector gathers the power from the sunshine to heat a fluid, typically a contained antifreeze that is within a pipe. This pipe circulates through tank warming the water. This is known as an indirect circulating system and is the most common form used by modern heating companies.

This same type of system can also be used in heating homes as well. These solar space heaters shave even more money off a household energy budget. Talk to your local heating and cooling company to learn more about what your family could expect to save with solar.