Some of the Most Commonly Used Awnings

The history of awnings dates backs to many centuries ago, and their usage have over the years rose sharply. However, with the demand for these items having gone up, there has been the creation of different types. Discussed below are the most commonly used awning styles and designs.

Window Awnings

This design is available in both contemporary and traditional styles. The traditional style in many cases comes with sides that will give you a better protection if you compare with those that do not have sides. They can be placed in windows facing east and west. However, there has been the introduction of others that can be retracted easily from the inside and this option is more convenient for second-story windows.

Porch Awning

If you are so interested in something that can give enough privacy, this is what you should be going for next. The design can effectively keep your porch pool and protect from sun and rain. However, if you want these awnings to look more appealing, you can add porch valences. They are some of the most commonly used decorative additions to any porches. These types of items are commonly used in coastal homes.

Retractable Patio Awning

This design is common in a number of upscale homes and houses. They are a little bit expensive for they can serve you for a considerably long time. Another great feature that makes this design one of the most sought after is that they can be retracted with ease; they normally come with a motor. Additionally, they can be used in any outdoor entertaining as they can provide a larger slider that can keep your home cooler at all times.

With new and explosive awnings hitting the market, one needs to be very careful especially when buying one. Ideally, since you will spend quite a substantial amount of money on them, ensure you are getting the best out of it. Look out for warranties they come with. Additionally, durability is another thing that you need to factor in. After all, you will want something that will serve you for the longest time.