What Is the Best Choice for Wood Flooring?

As a homeowner, you want your home to look as beautiful as possible. One of the first things people notice about your home, is your flooring. Though there are many choices in floor covering options, one of the most beautiful and durable is pine flooring. With a pine floor, your home will feel warm, cozy and inviting. Since natural woods blend in so beautifully with any decor, you are sure to find a flooring look you will love.

  • Many people these days are choosing the rustic look for their flooring choice. Rustic flooring embodies the look of days gone by, when pine planks were roughly cut and hammered in place. This style of flooring is stained very lightly, to allow the natural look of the pine to show through. As with all wood flooring, it is properly sealed, so it will resist staining and damage.
  • Old world pine planks also give the look of yesteryear, but with a darker tone. This pine flooring can be stained a deep brown, so it gives a beautiful and classic look to your home. This is the perfect type of flooring for high traffic areas.
  • Wire brushed pine offers a unique look you will not find in many homes. This special treatment makes the pine look more modern and gives it a unique style. With wire brushed flooring, you get a more natural finish and coloring.
  • Driftwood flooring offers the look of seaside docks and piers. The wood appears to be sunbaked, offering a unique look for any home, whether the decor is modern or classic.
  • Finally, you can also choose oyster shell. With this style of pine, the look is almost consistent with a bleached wood flooring. The pine in this flooring application is completely natural-looking.

If you are interested in pine floors for your home, make sure you work with a professional flooring company that can help you find the perfect type. Pine floors can stand up to all types of abuse and continue looking beautiful for many years to come. With pine floors, your home will come alive with beauty and style.