Where to Put Wood Flooring in Perth and How to Keep it Looking Great for Years

Design trends change with the years, and this is no different when it comes to flooring. While tile and carpet were once so popular they were considered standard, wood flooring in Perth is making a huge comeback. Hardwood floors are seen as luxurious additions to homes and are being installed in certain rooms on a regular basis.

One of the best rooms for a wooden floor is the dining room. This room is big enough to show off the beauty of the wood and is sufficiently protected from wood-destroying accidents and grime to allow such a floor to remain looking good with minimal maintenance. It’s also a room in which people are unlikely to want to sit on the floor, so the hardness of the surface isn’t a problem. These factors make the dining room a better place for a hardwood floor than the living/family room or the kitchen.

Hardwood also looks great in bedrooms, but it can be cold on the feet during the cooler months. To bypass this issue, many people put rugs in strategic places to provide softness and warmth without completely covering the floor.

No matter where wood flooring is placed, it will require some care and common sense precautions to keep it from getting marred or having its finish damaged. One of the most important things is to make sure it doesn’t get scratched by furniture legs. Put felt or a similar anti-scratch material over the ends of the legs of all furniture that will be placed on it. Pay special attention to furniture that will be moved, such as dining room chairs or bedroom ottomans. Also, avoid walking over the floor with hard-soled shoes, high heels, or other such footwear. The reason dance floors make people take their shoes off is that doing so protects the floor. Follow the same practices to keep your floor scratch-free for years.

The other thing to remember is that water will destroy the types of finish used on this flooring. Therefore, typical wet mopping is out of the question. Instead, use a dry mop to pick up dust and grit. If something stronger is required, for example to remove a stain, use a special hardwood cleaner.