Why Argan Oil Is an All-In-One Beauty Product

Have you noticed that the words “argan oil” seem to be everywhere these days, especially in the beauty industry? If so, you might be surprised to find that this apparently new product has been around for centuries. Uses of argan oil for hair and skin beauty were discovered long ago in the Middle East. Today it has been rediscovered and is often considered an all-in-one beauty solution.

Organic Oils Create Beautiful Skin

Despite the fact that shea butter is often considered the skin’s best friend, many people are learning that argan oil is better. It contains nourishing organic ingredients that include oleic, palmitic, stearic, and linolenic acids. Unlike some oils, it works on any skin type and can restore sebum. It can even out patchy skin tones caused by drying and flaking. The oil will reduce the appearance of fine lines and scars. It hydrates skin and its Vitamin E acts as a protectorant in harsh weather. Many people simply apply pure forms of argan oil in order to enjoy all-over hydration and dewy skin.

Argan Oil Helps Medical Conditions

Many people with psoriasis and eczema use argan oil to control symptoms. When it is poured into a warm bath or applied after a shower, the oil can reduce flaking and reduce irritation. It hydrates skin, which reduces itching.

Hair Loves Argan Oil

It is becoming more common to find argan oil listed in shampoos and conditioners. That is because it can lock moisture into hair and restore bounce. It is especially helpful for dry or chemically-treated hair. The oil can also be used alone, as a conditioner or pre-treatment before styling. When it is massaged into strands it feeds them and nourishes dry ends. Argan oil also tames frizzy hair. Many customers use pure oil on their air because it has a light, pleasant scent and is gentle to their hair and skin.

Argan oil has been used as a one-stop beauty product for centuries and is now being rediscovered. It is common to find it listed as an ingredient in hair and skin products. It is especially popular in its pure form, which can be used to heal, protect and hydrate skin and hair.