Best Workout to Maximize Fat Burning

Fat layers in the body are formed from pockets of lipids pushing from the internal layers of the body (visceral) to the layers directly below the skin (subcutaneous). These lipid layers are harmful to the internal organs because it compacts them so that they do not perform as they should nor expand and contract like they should. This could cause health problems in a person consumed with fat and eventually may lead to death if it is not addressed properly. The accumulation of the fat happens when there is an consistent influx of harmful lipids (low-density lipids) that clog the arteries.

LDL levels are raised when foods high in fat are consumed such as red meat, junk food, sweets and processed foods. The body has trouble processing and digesting foods such as these and remnants of the LDL in these foods are often left behind to clog the arteries and eventually turn to plaque build-up. When an abundant amount of LDL is in the body, it begins to bulge outwards and is characterized as fat seen on the external view of the body. To help take away some of the fat, HDL (high-density lipids) aid in grabbing some of the LDL in the body and taking it to the liver to be broken down and excreted in the urine.

To help more HDL appear in the body and to help get rid of the fat, both visceral and subcutaneous, a change in diet and exercise should be executed. The diet should consist of lean protein, vegetables and water. The exercise should consist of a mixture of cardiovascular exercises, high intensity exercises as well as weight training. When completed consistently, these exercises help to build muscle in the body and sweat some of the LDL out of the body.

When muscle builds in the body, it replaces fat with muscle. The muscle contains energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) that gives the body more oxygen and fuel to continue burning fat. To help maximize the muscle building a program such as WorkoutScene should be followed that gives random workout routines to keep the muscles from becoming complacent. It provides various strength building exercises containing mixtures of cardio, weight and high-intensity workouts. Workouts incorporating a mixture such as this helps to maximize muscle building.