Get High End Looks From Affordable Bathroom Fixtures

Bath areas, once given minimal space and sparse fixtures, have evolved into luxury areas with spas, multi-headed showers and spacious vanities. Today’s homeowners want bathrooms that echo the best displays at area showrooms. However, homeowners who shop carefully can have luxury bathrooms at reasonable prices. Comparing prices and choosing options carefully are key to enjoying spacious, well equipped baths without luxury price tags.

The first step in creating a luxury bathroom is to determine what style fixtures will best transform the available space into a truly great bath area. Where space is available, double vanities from top manufacturers can be selected to match virtually any design motif. Everything from ultra-modern to traditional styles, in sizes up to 82 inches, are readily available from suppliers like Luxury Living Direct ( Where space is limited, single vanities may be a better option, but a variety of styles and finishes are still available.

Fixtures must also be selected. Again, modern bath fixtures no longer limit homeowners to the mundane styles commonly used in the past. Elegant fixtures designed to compliment other design elements, vanities and built in cabinets are readily available, even from suppliers advertising affordable bathroom fixtures. From European dual flush toilets to luxurious whirlpool baths, seemingly endless options are offered, allowing homeowners to create bath areas that compete with those in the most elegant homes.

A wide selection of accessories complete the bath decor. Highlighted by a variety of towel warmers, bath accessories serve to further enhance the feeling of warmth and comfort that are sought after in modern bath designs.

With trends indicating that bath areas will become even more important components of homes in the future, selecting the best fixtures possible, with a careful eye toward design schemes that will endure, becomes increasingly important. Well designed bathrooms, in addition to providing comfort and privacy, contribute to property values. Homes with quality bath designs are, according to national statistics, more easily marketed. The careful attention remodelers pay to bath and kitchen areas attest to that fact.

Whether planning on moving soon or staying in the same home for years, updating a bathroom with affordable yet sylish fixtures is a wise investment. Top suppliers take pride in the bathroom vanities and fixtures they market, and work with clients to ensure they get the best value possible.