Have You Considered a Holistic Approach to Your TMJ?

It is estimated that over 10 million people in the United States suffer from the effects of TMJ. This acronym stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. People who deal with this issue often have pain their jaw when opening their mouth or chewing. Others may experience pain in their ears or in their necks and possibly suffer from headaches. Many people who suffer with this problem are left feeling tired and frustrated.

Since TMJ can be hard to diagnose, these problems are often thought to be brought on by sinus infection or just the side effects of too much stress. The correct diagnosis is often given by dentist who notices there is unusual wearing down of the teeth. This is due to many cases of TMJ being caused by people grinding their teeth together when they are sleeping.

Once TMJ is diagnosed, the treatment options are limited. The patient may be fitted with a mouth guard to wear at night to prevent them from grinding their teeth. These are made by a dentist to fit over their teeth, and most of the people who use them find they can be effective but are not comfortable to have to wear every night. Medications such as muscle relaxers are often prescribed to reduce the tension in the jaw area, but do have some side effects for many people, such as drowsiness and lack of energy. While these options may provide some relief from the effects of TMJ, they don’t do anything to get rid of the problem.

There is another option many people may not have considered for treating and possibly curing TMJ. This option is a holistic approach to treating the problem that doesn’t involve any drugs or expensive mouth guards. How does TMJ No More work? The method uses a series of particular jaw exercises that can be done easily at home.

The TMJ No More program was designed by a woman who suffered from the effects of TMJ for years and sought a permanent answer to her problem. After a great deal of study, she came up with a simple series of exercises that provide relief for many within a few hours. There are a number of people who report they have completely eliminated their TMJ within a few months of beginning the program. It seems that a few minutes of these exercises a day can greatly improve a person’s quality of life.