Losing Belly Fat With Exercise and Fat-Burning Supplements

Middle-aged men, unfortunately, have a tendency to develop a paunch that people refer to as a “beer gut.” They can become aggravated as they work out regularly, lift weights to build muscle and eat a healthy diet, but still fight the battle of the bulge. It’s especially frustrating for men who don’t even drink beer. They might shop at an online supplement store to see if they can find good fat burners for men since all the time and effort they’re spending isn’t working very well.

These men dream of a lean, muscular physique. Their arms and legs may have benefited a great deal from the workouts, but that paunch is stubborn. Fat accumulates there and does not want to melt away. A supplement such as Sheer Thermo may help reduce that excess fat that the body hangs onto. Ingredients such as green tea, forskolin and 5-HTP combine for an effective fat-burning mechanism, especially when the individual continues to exercise regularly.

Getting rid of belly fat works better when the person is physically active, since that stimulates the metabolism to burn stored fat reserves and not to add more. Men who pursue this routine of taking healthy supplements and exercising regularly are likely to see better effects than those who try relying on exercise alone.

The problem for middle-aged men and senior citizens is that it simply becomes more difficult to reduce stores of fat in certain parts of the body. Metabolism tends to slow, and that lean muscular physique is harder to maintain. A man in his 20s may be able to eat practically anything he wants, drink alcohol excessively on the weekend and work out only sporadically, and still avoid developing a beer gut. By the time he’s in his late 30s to early 40s, that situation changes dramatically.

It’s also tough to lose fat through exercising alone because it takes so much effort to burn up calories. Consider that a person must burn about 3,500 calories to eliminate one pound, but swimming for a full hour might use up only 500 calories. Taking supplements that help with this goal makes the process significantly more effective.