Steady Progress in Health Goals

Every year people make a resolution to be healthier and every February several people will give up on that resolution. People get side tracked, discouraged, or some get downright lazy. Steady progress in health goals takes a lot of hard work and energy. It is not easy but it is possible to achieve healthier habits that lead to permanent weight loss and regular exercise. You need to start by making a commitment to stick with a sensible program that utilizes good eating habits and exercise. You will need to stay focused and keep yourself in line. Distractions such as financial issues or family conflicts or relationship problems will need to be addressed to some degree as well. That is necessary because these issues lead to stresses that make most people eat junk food or get depressed to the point of staying in bed. That is certainly not conducive to health goals.

It is important to find your inner motivation and keep that in mind so you will not loose sight of it. If you are motivated by grand children, place a picture of them on your refrigerator or freezer so you will see it whenever you open the door. If you want to be able to participate in a cancer walk or 5 mile run for a cause, place the symbol for that organization on the door to your pantry. Get a friend or family member you trust to support you and remind you of why you are working toward being healthy in the first place.

Many fads like diet pills, shakes or easy exercise machinery have been reviewed and found to have minimal short term results at best and dangerous, in some cases, at worst. Basics work if you can manage to stay the course and not give up after a few months. Good health is a life long goal and requires hard work day in and day out. It is not something you can start and stop when it suits you. To think that is to fool yourself and set yourself up for failure. Be realistic and honest about the challenges you will face and you will be better prepared to deal with them.