The Many Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most versatile and effective essential oils available. The oil has a long history medicinal uses. An increase in a push to the return of holistic practices have only added to its popularity. Tea tree oil in its purest form has many antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Unfortunately, many sellers dilute tea tree oil to cut costs. By purchasing only 100% pure tea tree oil, buyers are more likely to benefit from the oil’s many healing properties.


Tea tree oil can be used to effectively treat acne. Using a clean cotton swab, simply apply tea tree oil acne directly to the affected areas. Leave the oil in place for a few hours. The oil will work to disinfect your pores, dry out pimples, and reduce redness and swelling.

Nail Fungus

Athlete’s foot is a skin condition caused by a fungal infection. It is often referred to as a ringworm. Tea tree oil is an excellent home remedy to help combat athlete’s foot. Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying. Thoroughly douse a cotton ball with 100% tea tree oil. Apply a light coating two to four times a day for the best results.

Bad Breath

Tea tree oil is a common ingredient in natural toothpaste recipes. In addition, users can swish a solution of water and tea tree oil to cure mouth odor. Do not to swallow the solution. When finished, dispose of the solution in a cup and not the sink to avoid clogging drain pipes.

Cure Warts

Warts are not painful but can be embarrassing and unsightly. Place a drop of tea tree oil on a bandage. Use that bandage to then cover the wart. Leave the bandage on overnight. The next day, remove the bandage and lightly clean the wart with soap and water. Repeat the process every day for up to four weeks until the wart disappears.


Tea tree oil can also be used along with other ingredients to create a natural deodorant. Applying essential oils directly to the skin may cause an allergic reaction in some users. Test the tea try oil on a small area of skin overnight before applying to the underarm.