What Can You Expect From a Brazilian Wax in Denver?

Brazilian wax was first introduced in the 1980s and continues to be a popular method of controlling pubic hair growth in women. This type of waxing treatment seeks to remove hair in the bikini area and between the buttocks so there is a hairless appearance. This is perfect for those who wear bikinis or thongs and do not want to be concerned about any hairy areas showing. If you have never had a brazilian wax Denver, allow this information to assist you in knowing what to expect.

Shaving your pubic hair ends up leaving behind stubble which can be irritating and look unattractive. Many people also experience ingrown hairs, which can lead to painful and embarrassing bumps and redness. Instead of dealing with these issues, it is best to have waxing done in this sensitive area. This ensures the hair is removed from the follicle so it stays gone for much longer.

Many estheticians will prepare the skin for waxing by using a numbing cream. Since the area being worked on is so sensitive, this can help to prevent any discomfort and irritation. Once the numbing cream has had time to work, the esthetician will begin working quickly to ensure you get the best results.

Warm wax is placed in thin layers on the hair needing to be removed. The esthetician then places thin strips of cloth over the wax and allows it to cool and harden. The strips are pulled against the hair growth so the hairs are removed from the follicles.

You may feel some stinging and discomfort when the strips are pulled. Make sure you inform your esthetician if the pain is too intense. The esthetician may be able to use a different type of wax or work with smaller strips so there is less pain.

By having your bikini area waxed, you can rest assured you will be hair-free for many weeks at a time. As you continue being waxed, the hairs will grow in lighter and finer so they are easier to control. With a Brazilian bikini wax, you can feel confident in wearing the smallest of bikinis without fear.