Why Is Sublingual Hormone Therapy More Effective Than Injections?

Many doctors are helping their patients to achieve weight loss, through the HCG protocol. This diet requires patients receive HCG injections or sublingual drops. There has been much debate over the years, about which method of HCG delivery offers the best results. In the past, injections were the only option and they required you to be under a doctor’s care. Today, there are high-quality HCG drops available. These can give you better results than the injection delivery method, without the cost.

HCG injections are given before each meal. These are injected into your stomach area, so the hormone can quickly enter your bloodstream. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to stand injections. The injections can be painful for some people and typically cost as much as $500 a month. Since many insurance plans do not cover these injections, patients were required to pay out of their own pocket, causing many to be unable to continue on the HCG protocol diet.

Today, there is a better option available for people who need to lose weight, but cannot deal with the pain and cost of injections. Sublingual drops were developed, so a wider range of people could benefit from this diet. These drops offer better results than the injections of the past. The best part about using HCG sublingual drops, is you do not need a doctor’s prescription and the drops cost a fraction of what the injections do, making this program more affordable than ever before.

To use the sublingual drops, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most drops require you take ten at a time, under your tongue. These drops are taken twenty to thirty minutes before each meal. It is important you do not eat or drink after your drops for at least thirty minutes, so the hormone can be directly absorbed in your system. Since you are administering the drops under your tongue, they are able to be quickly absorbed through the membrane.

To find out if sublingual hcg is for you, talk with your doctor. As with any diet plan, it is a good idea to get the advice of your doctor, to ensure the HCG diet will be safe for you. Through this diet, you can lose your unwanted weight and can keep it off permanently.